How may we help you?

Seaside Vacations is licensed and insured as a Professional Property Management Company as well as for providing Real Estate Services.  Our focus is providing the best vacation rental experience possible for both our guests and partners.

Our founder, Lance Stitcher, is a licensed Real Estate Agent working with the Chincoteague brokerage of Seaside Properties and the Ocean City brokerage of Paradise Realty.  Seaside Vacations will never try to sell you Real Estate, but we are more than happy to help you find and partner with the Agent that best suits your needs.  We work with many of the best agents in our communities.

Real Estate is much like any other field, and while all agents have a broad understanding of the local market, most have an area of expertise.  If you have questions about Buyers Agents, Sellers Agents, or who has the most success in a particular building or community, we can help.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Lance would be happy to discuss your needs and offer input as to who may best represent you.  There is absolutely no charge for this.  We just like to help our clients and make sure that whether entering the OC Real Estate market as a primary residence, second home, or Vacation Rental Owner, or exiting the OC market, that you receive the best service possible.