Pointer Lane

Pointer Lane is located on the East Side of Chincoteague Island, facing the Chincoteague Channel and Assateague Lighthouse. Many prefer this side of the island, which is also close to where the Pony Swim happens. The Public Boat Launch is just at then end of the street, so it's a great location for kayakers and boaters alike.

Les Bon Temps and Rhythm & Blues are right next to one another, make it a great choice for large families or families traveling together, but who want a little more space and privacy. These 2 homes together sleep 12 adults and 1 child. There is a wonderful Shared Fire Pit between the 2 Homes - a great place to gather at the end of the day to share stories!

Properties Available 3 properties available
New Expanded Deck and Boardwalk for 2021!You know that favorite song that just stays with you - the one you long to hear again and again? This is the feeling you will get while staying at Rhythm and Blues on beautiful Chincoteague Island. Tucked away on the East Side, this Charming Chalet will steal your heart. Located only steps from the Public Bo
Hot HOT 12
Rhythm & Blues
$105 - $325 / per night
Bedrooms 3 bedrooms
Bathrooms 2 baths
Guests 7 guests
New Screened Porch, Expanded Sunroom, New Front Deck, and Electric Vehicle Charger! "Les Bon Temps" loosely translates to "Let the good times roll" - can you think of a better phrase to kick off your Chincoteague Island Vacation this year? Tucked away on the East Side, this quintessential Chincoteague Cottage is beyond charming.  Located only steps
Hot HOT 14
Les Bon Temps
$105 - $350 / per night
Bedrooms 3 bedrooms
Bathrooms 2 baths
Guests 6 guests
SUNDAY CHECK-IN DURING PEAK SEASONIn Life, it's not where you go, but who you travel with.  Family, Friends - those who mean the very most - are at times the hardest to get together. It's time - clear your calendar, grab those you love, and head to fabulous Chincoteague Island. And there is no better place to relax and reconnect than newly renovate
Hot HOT 9
Endless Summer
$125 - $375 / per night
Bedrooms 3 bedrooms
Bathrooms 2 baths
Guests 8 guests

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