Posted on 11/15/2023

The Ultimate Guide to Off Season Activities in Ocean City

While Ocean City, Maryland is renowned for its lively summer atmosphere, the off-season has its own unique charm and a treasure trove of activities to offer. As the Summer crowds dissipate, the town takes on a quieter, more relaxed vibe, making it an ideal time for a visit. In this Ultimate Guide, we'll explore the best off-season activities that Ocean City has in store for you.

1. Festivals

Ocean City hosts various festivals and events throughout the off-season. Annual festivals such as Springfest, Sunfest, the Ocean City Film Festival, Ocean’s Calling, and the Winterfest of Lights ensure that no matter what time of year you visit, there is always something going on in town.

2. Beachcombing

Fall and winter are the perfect time for beachcombing OC’s sandy shores. Collect seashells, sea glass, and unique treasures washed up by the waves. The crisp sea breeze and the sound of the waves make for a tranquil and rejuvenating experience. You'll be amazed at the Wildlife you can see during the quieter months, as well - everything from Snow Geese, to Snowy Owls, and even Whale sightings from the Beach!

3. Biking

Rent a bike or bring your own and explore OC in a new, unique way! The scenic views along the bay or boardwalk provide a backdrop like no other for a leisurely ride.

4. Golf

Ocean City boasts several championship level golf courses that will offer more peaceful and affordable golfing experiences due to fewer crowds. We’re even in the process of creating a guide to the local courses to help make your decision a little easier! Stay tuned to our blog for this update! 

5. Fishing

The White Marlin Open may be the highlight of the year for fishing in Ocean City, but this destination is a year round fisherman’s paradise. The cooler months offer a different angling experience with unique catches that you may not have experienced if you’ve only visited during the summer.

6. Indoor Activities

Museums like the Mermaid Museum, OC Life-Saving Station Museum, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not are just a few activities that will keep your family entertained during the cooler months. The Carousel has an Indoor Skating Rink that is open to the public, and  Roland E. Powell Convention Center hosts a number of events such as concerts, arts and crafts shows, and more!

7. Local Dining

Off-season is the perfect time to savor the local culinary delights. Many restaurants offer special off-season menus and items, allowing you to explore OC’s diverse dining scene without the long waits!

8. Dog Friendly

Our favorite four-legged companions are not just welcome, but embraced in OC, especially in the off season! Enjoy a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk, savoring the serene atmosphere that makes OC a perfect off-season destination for both you AND your pets! 

The off-season in Ocean City provides a serene and peaceful backdrop for a memorable getaway. Whether you're seeking cultural experiences or simply a quiet escape, OC has something to offer year round. If you haven't experienced OC at this time of year, book your stay now for a new and unique experience!

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