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The Fall And Winter Season In Ocean City

The crowds are gone, the air is cool, and the views are just as spectacular as ever. It’s hard to beat the off season in Ocean City! As things start to slow down, it’s the perfect time to start planning your getaway.

Need some reasons to visit Ocean City during this time of year? We’ve got you covered!

No Traffic During the Fall and Winter

We’ve all experienced it. You’re driving into town, ready for a day of fun in the sun, only to run into a wave of taillights. What should be an easy 15 minute drive to your vacation home now may take an hour or more! Your experience will be completely different during this time of year. Take your time coming into town knowing you’ll be able to head directly to your vacation home, and settle in to begin creating lifelong memories with those who mean the most to you!

Dog Friendly Fall and Winter Activities

The pups will love it! Ocean City's beaches are dog-friendly from October 1st through April 30th! You and your furry companion can take long, tranquil strolls along the shoreline, enjoying the sound of crashing waves, and crisp sea air. It's a paradise for dogs who love to run, play, and explore, and for their owners who relish the joy of watching them have a blast.

Winterfest of Lights

A magical experience for the young and young at heart, Ocean City’s Winterfest of Lights is a heartwarming, family-friendly event that will light up your holiday season. Stroll through Northside Park, adorned with dazzling light displays and animated scenes. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, and create lasting memories with your loved ones!

Indoor Fall and Winter Activities

As temperatures drop, visitors tend to think that the fun slows down. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Whether you’re taking a walk through the Ocean City Center for the Arts, spending the evening skating at the Carousel’s indoor skating rink, or going for that ever elusive hole-in-one at Old Pro Golf’s Indoor Mini Golf Course, there is plenty to do!

Ocean City, MD is an excellent destination for a fall or winter getaway. If peace and serenity are what you're looking for, look no further! Pack your bags, grab your furry friend, and head to OCMD for a refreshing and memorable off-season adventure. You won't be disappointed, and you'll discover that Ocean City's charm is alive and well, even when the temperature drops!

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